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Get into Golf at The Ryder Cup    

There's never been a better time to get into golf!

Since it was first played here in the mid-15th century, like Scots themselves, golf can be found all over the world.
Get Into Golf Scotland is all about giving more people the chance to enjoy their national sport and discover it really is a game for life.
The initiative is overseen by the Scottish Golf Union (SGU), the governing body for amateur golf in Scotland, incorporating 578 golf clubs across the country representing around 220,000 members.
As well as staging national amateur championships and managing Scotland’s national teams, providing support services to member clubs, and lobbying government to protect the interests of the game, the SGU also encourages more people to play golf.
This site explains what the game is all about and the benefits of playing, exploding some old myths into the bargain. It is designed to help you find out how and where you can get started, the different ways you can enjoy the sport, and what to look for when you’re thinking of joining a club.
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It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played golf or haven’t picked up a club since your school days or an almost-forgotten holiday - if you fancy giving it a go, Get into Golf is the place to start.
Beginner courses are designed to teach you everything you need to begin playing golf. Run by PGA professionals (Professional Golfers’ Association) and qualified volunteer coaches, you will have fun learning the basics and get a feel for the game.
Group lessons are the ideal way to get into the sport - a relaxed atmosphere, the chance to meet other budding golfers, and have fun.
As well as an introduction to the game, you’ll learn how to warm up, hold the club, take a swing and get the ball as close as you can to the hole. You’ll also learn a bit about the rules and the golf lingo – soon you’ll be happily chatting away to friends about the ‘fairway, rough, divot or bunker’.
Once you’ve got the hang of how to hold the club, your instructor will help you perfect your technique. They will show you how to play in groups, keep score and play on a course. They will also explain about all the ways you can play golf as well as giving you information about club membership and follow-on coaching.
There are different types of Get into Golf activities on offer…
Open Day
Fancy finding out what golf is all about? Have a look around the golf club, chat to the club’s professional or volunteer coaches, meet members and other aspiring golfers – even check out how good the coffee is. Have a go at hitting some balls and see what you think.
Beginner Coaching
A step-by-step guide to the basics. From holding a club to playing a full game, learn how to stand, what club to use for different shots and the Group or individual coaching varies, but usually five weeks for £25. Women-only courses may be available and great if you fancy getting back into golf after years away from the course.
Family Golf
Golf is a brilliant sport for all ages and abilities. Come along with the kids, bring your mum too, have some coaching together or separately, followed by a family debrief over lunch or a drink in the clubhouse. You know your family is safe, active, and you only need to make one journey rather than having to ferry the family all over the place to different activities!
Introductory Membership
Build on the skills you learned in the beginner sessions by starting to play a few holes regularly through an introductory membership before you become hooked and gradually join up as a full member of the club!
Just book, turn up on the day in comfortable clothing and shoes such as trainers, and equipment is usually provided.
Find out more about the sport, learn the basics, hit some balls and see what you think.
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If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, please contact us.