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What to Wear

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When you first go along to a taster session or beginner lessons, you just need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes like trainers. Thin layers are ideal, they’re easy to move in and you can peel them off or top them up, depending on the weather.

As you start getting into golf, you’ll find there's a  huge choice of purpose-designed golf wear but as you'll want to play in all weathers once you become a regular, you'll want a good waterproof jacket and trousers - also useful in the wind and cold.

If you decide to take up golf, you’ll need to buy a pair of golf shoes. Good shoes will breathe, repel water and be comfortable while the spikes will provide traction when you’re making your swing.

If you join a club, you’ll need to ask about their dress code as it differs between clubs but the general rules exclude blue denim jeans, football shirts and shell suits.