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Is Golf for Me?

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We know all the old stereotypes about golfers and clubs – but times have changed.  

Welcome to the modern game where you can play six holes after work then grab a well-earned drink with your friends in the clubhouse.

It’s not all older players, diamond jumpers and checkered shorts – golf is played by celebrities, sports personalities and Jimmy next door. Why? Because it’s a great way to relax and enjoy some you time, whilst taking in the fresh air and spectacular views.

Golf is a fantastic way to burn calories and stay healthy through a low impact yet highly energising sport – and it can be as competitive as you want. So put your tablet down and jump off the sofa. Come and get involved in a sport that you can truly enjoy for life.

Get into Golf helps you to take those first steps towards playing the game.

I’ve never played golf before – where do I start?

Get into Golf coaching offers a really nice introduction to the game. You don’t need to have your own clubs and you don’t need to have any experience. Group coaching sessions provide you with a fun, relaxed environment to try golf at your local club. Your PGA professional will take you through the basics, giving you the confidence to get out on the course and ready to play more regularly with friends and members.

I played a little bit when I was younger – is golf for me?

Get into Golf coaching is really aimed at beginners. The sessions are designed to help people new to golf, pick up the basic techniques, skills and etiquette they need to get out on the course and enjoying club membership.

I used to play other sports – will golf satisfy my competitive edge?

If you have that competitive streak in you and you’re looking for a new challenge then golf could be just your thing. The Get into Golf programme will provide you with all the support you need to earn your handicap and get playing in club competitions. So go sink your first birdie putt, fist pump the air and high five your playing partner. Don’t tell us you don’t feel your heart beating and your head buzzing. It’s better than any goal you’ve ever scored.

Is playing golf expensive?

Golf doesn’t have to cost the earth. Many golf clubs have created flexible payment options and introductory membership offers which make golf a really affordable sport.

Can I come along to coaching sessions with my friends?

The more the merrier! Golf is definitely a social sport – so bring your friends and family along to enjoy the coaching sessions with you. Golf clubs are a great place to relax and spend time with others. Whether you pop in for 9 holes at the weekend, or drop by for a bite to eat and well-deserved cold one on a Friday – you’ll soon find out why thousands of Scots have joined the club.